The entrance of a house tells a lot about us, our tastes, lifestyles, in a warm and spontaneous language consisting of forms and colours if we
decide to use such space for beautiful and intelligent solutions, like benches,
bookshelves and hanging racks, coming home becomes even more special for ourselves and our guests.

web 2019_BIREX_Domì 6_Generale_Alta Riso
web 2019_BIREX_Domì 8_Generale_Alta Riso
web 2019_BIREX_Domì 8_Dettaglio Orizzont
web 2019_BIREX_Skap 2_Generale_Alta Riso
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web 2019_BIREX_Skap 1_DettaglioOrizzonta
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web SESSANTA_04_DETT_01.jpg
web 2019_BIREX_Skap 3_Generale_Alta Riso
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